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My first time Article..

I thought I could never write an article in my life just because maybe I was feeling unsecure to write well or even what to write at all.

My backgrounds are not from a fancy university or had a degree either but I surely have one thing on  my favor!

PASSION and EXPERINCE! And not just passion for my job but also for everything I do around me and all the great experiences life had teache me. That's why I am going to share it with all of you! For 10 years I have being in this journey learning new things like my second language English and let me tell you! WAS NOT EASY AT ALL!

I still rememeber the headaches trying to understand people working at my first job in Costa Rica in this Beautiful Hotel GAIA in Manuel Antonio, so I do understand how other foreginers feel when they come to Latin America and cannot even espress themselfs for simple things they need.

So I decided to do what I can do best! Help travelers and expats to see the best of both countries from all angles and help them to undertand the culture and why we are the way we are :)

To me it's so great when I can create a positive impact in someone's life or show something they had never seeing before, but also to learn from each other.

I curently live in Boquete, Panama and I am so happy to be here and have this home town for me and my son Phoenix, but also my hearth belongs to my beloved Cali, Colombia where my Daughter Valeria lives :)

I ahve to say how grateful I am for the job I have and even sometimes is not easy at all, it does fullfit me for sure!

My goal is to pass this to my two kids or at least teach them enough in life to make them a good human being in this world and so they will..

So besides the experiences I offer here in Panama now I started to do the same in my home country Colombia since I learned more people started feeling really good about going to visit but feel a bit afraid just because the past we had over 20 years ago and Panama still amazing people for the way how this country is form and the easiest to move back and forth from one  and other :)


Colombia and Panama are becoming a great combination of amazing experiences and diversal ways to see culture and be amaze by all the beauty this places and the people has to offer!

 PS: please forgive my grammar! English is my second language jeje :)

Please follow me on facebook and Intagram @muchogustopanama and @muchogustocolombia.

This is not a tour, it's a real experience!



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