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Our mission is to encourage, promote, and develop ecotourism & volunteer tourism as a major socio-economic activity to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private & public sectors in Panama by providing the highest quality services to locals & foreigners alike.


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Medellín, Colombia Tour - December 7th to the 14th

We are happy to announce our next trip to Medellín, Colombia from the 7th of December to the 14th. 7 nights and 6 days to enjoy the city and beautiful town like Andes and Jardin plus a visit to the famous town of Guatape and the famous Christmas lights that we celebrate on the 8th with a full bilingual Colombian guide :)

5 nights in Medellín 
1 night in Andes
1 night in Jardin

This tour has being designed for a maximum of 10 people to ensure the high quality of the service and comfort all the time !

Price per person $950.00

To get more information about price and reservation please email us to and I will reply as soon is possible with the itinerary and extra information you might need.

Remember! Is not a tour, it's an Experience! :)

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Since Panama and Colombia used to be the same country over 100 years ago and the fact the connectivity between the two of them are so easy with flights with Copa Airlines or Air Panama.


Colombia is a new destination for North Americans and Europeans that want to experience a bit more of the Latin American culture. Colombia is the first country in South America and connects to the rest of the continent through the south.

As many travelers Colombia was famous for all the problems back in the 80's and early 90's with the drug cartels and the famous Pablo Escobar. It is true it is part of the history but Colombia is also very well recognize for other million reasons.

The coffee! As the world got to know Colombian with the caracther of Juan Valdez and his dunkie Conchita. This slogan was very famous back in the United states on the 70's and still the icon of the coffee culture in Colombia.

Bautiful towns in the eje cafetero or the coffee region like Quindio, Caldas, Antioquia, Cauca or whever has the right altitude for the right production of this beverage that the world enjoy so much today!

Colombia has also the Capital of the Salsa dancing like Cali, Valle! This city has to offer many other aspects of the culture since there is a strong African culture decendent on the Pacific side Buenaventura.

Colombia is a country with over 48 million of habitants and the Capital Bogota has over 9 million. The weather can be whatever you want, we have warm, cold, super warm and super cold!! but also intermedian weather temperture in the middle of the mountains, since Colombia is on the tropics all the tempertures go according to the elevation above sea level. There is not seasons besides Rain or dry season, so you will experience all kinds of weather depending of which city you visit :)


COLOMBIA, the only risk is wanting to stay!!! 

Want to explore the magic Colombia has to offer? Contact us today to organize your tour! 


WE would take you to the most amazing cities in Colombia like: Medellin, Cali, Bogota, Cartagena, and more according to festivities on special dates in Colombia :)

We don't sell tours, we provide Experiences!!