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Our mission is to encourage, promote, and develop ecotourism & volunteer tourism as a major socio-economic activity to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private & public sectors in Panama by providing the highest quality services to locals & foreigners alike.

Expat Panama Tour :

Panama is considered one of the best countries to retire in the world for many reasons like: health system, cheap housing & food, nice people, safety, good economy and much more!

This is the perfect Expat Tour if you are considering moving here, but just want to see the whole country and check out all your options.

We do an overall tour starting in Panama city then driving all the way to Boquete,Chiriqui or other areas depending of your desires :)

We can also look at real estate and and can help recommenend a good real estate company so you can have some safe options if you are considering purchasing property in Panama . Also, we work the most trustfully team of lawyers to help you and assist you in any process with your residency or Pensioned Visa.

Our goal is to make you fall in love with Panama and show you the best with the most honest point of view :)

The price of the tour is subject to change according of how many people want to do it, but with a maximum of 10 people to ensure the hight quality of the experience and service :)

Please contact us for date availability and pricing details.