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Our mission is to encourage, promote, and develop ecotourism & volunteer tourism as a major socio-economic activity to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private & public sectors in Panama by providing the highest quality services to locals & foreigners alike.


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Hot Springs of Caldera :

This adventure begins with a short hike over the Caldera River with some of the most amazing views of rainforest covered mountains you will ever see! This is the place to come if you want to bathe in one of the five natural pools of mineral water with different temperatures to your liking that are renown for their healing properties while enjoying the beauty Caldera has to offer.

Four of the five thermal pools are surrounded by strategically placed stones which give them a touch of intimacy & privacy. The temperatures range from 38oC - 46oC. The springs are located on the property of a picturesque farmhouse with a variety of animals including: a rescued spider monkey named Chita, an enormous water-buffalo you can ride, baby goats, horses, peacocks, ducks, doves & dogs.

After your soak, you can cool off in the Caldera River with its refreshing cool flowing waters or soak up some rays on one of the beautiful sun-kissed boulders! With the help of your guide, you can even discover thermal pools near the flowing river! Let your mind be still & your body be cleansed at this natural spa!