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Our mission is to encourage, promote, and develop ecotourism & volunteer tourism as a major socio-economic activity to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private & public sectors in Panama by providing the highest quality services to locals & foreigners alike.

Mucho Gusto Panama collaborates with Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama for all your volunteer tourism needs! Visit them online today to learn all about their volunteer programs!

16 Reasons to Volunteer Internationally 

Live your passion. Volunteer. See the beauty. Lead by example. Empower others to do the same.

The Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama Volunteer Program

At UMMP we are dedicated to you, our volunteers. Our desire is to create a friendly, open & trusting environment where you can explore yourself while serving others. 

Volunteering with UMMP is not about coming to Panama to change the world. Rather, it is about coming to Panama to change yourself. We believe the best way we can create change in this world is to create change within ourselves. By serving others, it teaches us to be selfless & grateful. By donating our resources, it teaches us to be benevolent & generous. By experiencing another culture, it opens our hearts & eyes to new ideas & ways of being human. By working with people in challenging situations, we gain a new perspective on things we may be taking for granted in our own life. By putting ourselves outside our comfort zone, it teaches us to overcome our fears. By challenging ourselves to do something different, we build confidence in ourselves & in our abilities to fulfill our hopes & dreams

The volunteering itself will not change your life, but the experience in its entirety will. 

While learning about yourself, you get the opportunity to brighten a child’s day and put smiles on their faces. To teach an eager student something new by sharing your knowledge with them. To connect with someone of a different culture helping you to realize, we are one. To learn new ways of communicating while learning another language. To help a child to forget for a moment that they have cancer. To hold a motherless baby. To be there for someone in the good times and the bad. To lead & be an example for others. And most importantly, to empower them to fulfill their dreams & goals.

We connect you with the opportunity, you create the experience. Join us as we learn & grow together united for a brighter tomorrow. 

Volunteering Internationally offers an opportunity for a life changing adventure that holds many benefits both for the volunteer and for the community being served. Click below to learn more!

16 Reasons to Volunteer Internationally 

The benefits of volunteering can only be experienced, you cannot learn these lessons in any class or book. Commit to be the difference by signing up to volunteer today! If not now, when?

Why Choose UMMP?

Maximize Your Overall Volunteer Experience
UMMP plays a vital role in your volunteer placement. We have spent a great deal of time developing relationships with our collaborating organizations and have designed strategies for effective integration of volunteers in the organizational work to maximize your overall volunteer experience. We provide the much needed service of an internal volunteer consult for many understaffed & underfunded organizations to empower them to fulfill their missions and serve their target populations to the fullest extent.

Volunteer Immersion
If you are coming to Panama for a volunteer experience, you have come to the right place. UMMP offers the only volunteer immersion program in Panama. The Starfish Volunteer House provides for you a sacred space to grow as an individual, to learn & to explore with other like-minded volunteers. We offer a plethora of resources for you to use to maximize your placement including books, English teaching materials, arts-n-crafts, games, access to a laptop with printer, free WiFi Internet, sports equipment and much more! 

Volunteer Enrichment Activities
While you are in Panama volunteering, you will also have the opportunity to explore the beauty Panama has to offer by participating in a variety of Volunteer Enrichment Activities. Whether you want to lay on a white sand beach, go whitewater rafting, zip-line through the jungle, relax in a natural hot spring, hike a volcano, go on a mountain bike adventure, take a coffee tour, go rappelling or rock climbing, sweat your stress away in a yoga class, learn to dance salsa, go cliff jumping, horseback riding, learn how to make your own jewelry, interact with the wildlife of Panama, learn to cook, go sport fishing, scuba diving, skydiving, or on an ATV tour, kayaking, birding, have a spa day, explore the Panama Canal or shop till you drop, we have got it! 

Join Our Volunteer Family
You are not alone in this experience. With UMMP, you become part of our volunteer family that is able to support you every step of the way to fulfill your dreams to volunteer internationally. You arrive knowing that you have a family waiting for you in Panama and leave with a group of lifetime friends.